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Maintaining a high level of education for student engineers requires the school’s curriculum be up to date with the latest in research and technological developments. This in turn depends upon the school’s laboratories being equipped with a competitive infrastructure. Consequently, the past several years, ENSCL has developed an especially active research policy regarding both fundamental and applied science areas.

This development has been carried out in close cooperation and with the support of Lille’s Science and Technology University (l’Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille) thanks to the two institutions’ close relationship and proximity.

The scientific pertinency of the work undertaken in all four of ENSCL’s research teams is guaranteed by its status as either an associate unit to the CNRS or a combined unit of the CNRS. Each of these teams maintain productive relationships with the industrial sector and the scientific community (both public and private) by filing patents and publishing a substantial number of articles each year in scientific journals read internationally.

If you want to find out more about our research feel free to go to the "research area".

To find more information about meeting our researchers and the conferences they give please click here.

Technology breakthroughs and industrial relationships

The laboratories associated with ENSCL have extensive experience working with companies. Consequently, they regularly deliver patents that solve direct industrial problems.

Whether it involves catalysis, solid chemistry, organic chemistry, polymers, metallurgy, surface treatment and analysis or fireproof materials, our researchers do their utmost to provide solutions to industrial requests.